Welcome to Red Camp 2017

This past week the 11th-17th July 2017 groups from all parts of Europe, Poland , Portugal and Ireland gathered for a week of prayer and evangelization in Porto, Portugal. This week we journeyed with Jesus from the banks of the Jordan River to finally and on Sunday we arrive at the great Redemption on the cross at Calvary. The Feast of the Most Holy Redeemer.

The week was filled with prayer, singing and pilgrimage to Fatima. The message of spreading the good news came alive on Saturday as we took to the streets of Porto to sing, pray, listen, answer question about church and faith and share stories with locals and tourists of Porto. We give thanks for the welcome and hospitality of the People and Community of Porto for welcoming us and sharing their faith journey with them. With him is Plentiful Redemption, may the Holy Redeemer continue to Bless us and all whom we have met during this week of evangelization.

Ryan M Holovlasky C.Ss.R

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